2D Virtual Sets for NewTek TriCaster Live Video Production System

In addition to ready-to-use green-screen motion backgrounds and virtual studio sets that are available on our content portal, www.aprilbroadcast.tv, April Broadcast also designs custom sets, built to the specifications given by channel producers.

This video will give you a brief overview of the customizable realistic virtual sets we created for Newtek Tricaster Virtual Studio System.

These sets are created with separate layers, which can be individually modified. For example you can edit a variety of set elements including inputs, backgrounds, color schemes, structural elements and more. These also support Multiple Camera angles and styles.

The virtual sets consist of industry-standard Adobe Photoshop .psd files

Visit https://store.newtek.com/virtual-sets.html store to buy these sets.

In case you need any specific type of virtual set, check out our set customization services: http://www.aprilbroadcast.tv/customization

Do share your feedback at http://www.aprilbroadcast.tv/feedback/feedback.htm and tell us what you would like to see from us.





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